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Naftali Herstik

Cantor Herstik, the chief cantor of the magnificent Jerusalem Great Synagogue is descended from a long line of Rabbanim and cantors. His talents manifested themselves very early, for at the tender age of six he had already gained a remarkable reputation as a prodigy, able to interpret highly complicated cantorial recitatives with phenomenal skill and purity of voice. His musical education has been wide and varied, and he owes much to his first teacher, his late father, himself a fine cantor, and to, among others, cantors Leib Glantz, Shlomo Ravitz and Moshe Kossevitzky. He later graduated from the Royal College of Music in London. Naftali Herstik, currently the director of the Tel Aviv Cantorial Institute, has a worldwide reputation as a superb concert artist with rare elegance and style. He has sung with the London Festival Orchestra, the London Mozart Players, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, and most recently with the Zurich Chamber Orchestra, as well as with some of the finest choirs in the world. Among them, the Jerusalem Great Synagogue Choir, under the direction of Maestro Elli Jaffe. Some of these distinguished groups can be heard on numerous recordings of Naftali Herstik.

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